Anuário Brasileiro do Arroz 2014 - page 10

The good price paid for a sack of the cereal over
the past growing seasons gave the growers a sense
of accomplishment which had for years been ab-
sent from agribusiness as a whole. And it is great to
have such a situation, once it simply favors all stake-
Thegoodharvestprospectsandexcitetheproducersmarket andsuggest a
of the supply chain really wish the panorama would continue like this indefinitely. The time of
turbulence associated with setbacks in the adoption of new technologies now belongs to the
past, a time when financial insecurity equally vanished.
holders: the consumers, who experience no supply
problems, and society, which benefits from the eco-
nomic and social reflections of this activity.
The 2013/14 crop, whose harvest has been in full
swing all over the region since late February, resulted
into a scenario of uncontested euphoria. The quality
of the kernels, in line with the good performance of
the fields, under the direct positive influence of the cli-
mate during the season, suggests the entire produc-
tion volume will sell briskly both at home and abroad.
And within the context of foreign sales, Brazil
spared no effort, and climbed to the consolidated posi-
tion as major, regular supplier of the cereal. The per-
spective of rice shipments to other countries was, per-
haps, one of the great accomplishments of the supply
chain in the past years. The alternative for shipments
abroad is essential for the farmers to fetch good pric-
es for the cereal and find a way out in the case of a
possible bumper crop or excessive domestic supply.
With one eye on sales of the kernel in the do-
mestic scenario and the other on the behavior of
the global market, the rice growers in South Brazil
are happy to see their activity turning into one of
the most important forces that drive the regional
economy. And on equal terms with the South, now
with an eye towards the potentially promising foreign
market, the rice farmers in other agricultural frontiers
across the Country, like the North and Center-West,
are confidently spotting new markets for the rice
grown and harvested in their surroundings.
In no other moment in the recent history of the
supply chain has Brazil’s rice farming business been
so firmly on the right track and, as the saying goes,
rowing down the river.
Inor Ag. Assmann
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